by Olav Phillips

In the annals of the paranormal, there are a good many “interesting” hauntings.

From a Toy ‘R Us in Sunnyvale where a friendly poltergeist throws balls down the halls or rides bicycles around the store to haunted hotels where ghostly maids continue to prepare the rooms and make the beds. A haunting can come to any place.

Such is the case with the Village Oaks Shopping Center’s ladies room, where it has been reported that people feel like they are being watched as they go about their business. It has also been reported that many years ago a local police officer, upon seeing the ladies door open, stepped into the restroom to investigate. The officer found the room to be empty. Pausing briefly to search the room, the officer turned around to face the mirror and saw a Hispanic man standing behind him looking over his shoulder. He turned and the man was gone.

So the question to ask is why would a man haunt a ladies room? According to several psychics who investigated the site, the Hispanic man was a murdered and buried in the creek over which the shopping mall was built.

But that is not the only interesting structure in area to carry the title of haunted, it turns out the Clayton Library is haunted as well. Reputedly built over an ancient Miwok burial site, the Library has also seen its share of haunted activity. The Library has been the scene of electric doors which stick as well as heat spontaneously rising up through the floor. There have even been reports of clocks that, even after being synchronized, are reset to different times or are found to be running backward!



Haunted locations come in all shapes and sizes, the spirits bound to the locations because of the land beneath the building or possibly the building itself but in all cases the haunting manifest themselves to the visitors of today.

So grab your books and head the Clayton Library, or maybe visit the Village Oak’s Shopping Center the next time you need to investigate making some purchases. If you do see something let us know!