by Olav Phillips

In the early hours of February 18th, 2016 the Russian Federation air defense network was activated as a mysterious object, believed to be a UFO, crossed the frontier and the Russian Air Force launched several Mig 29’s to investigate. One MIG, “725” was eventually able to close on the unidentified object and at one point was not only able to see it visually but was able to climb within 300 meters of the object before it sped off and crossed the border.

What follows is a fascinating audio of “725” (Russian MIG 29) chasing a UFO and apparently observing the second one on the other side of the border because eventually losing it after it crossed back across the border. Despite having a visual as well as radar locks on the object “725” and his flight controllers were unable to classify the object.

After researching the sighting we contacted several translators to help us translate the audio so we could learn more about the events of that morning.

Here is the audio:




The recording is titled “Interception of Intruders.” The discussion recorded took place between the board 725 (Male voice) and the Checkpoint. 725 is the nickname for the aircraft plane MiG-29 which was doing the interception of the intruder plane.

-725, what is your current course?
-What is your current course?
– 180
-relatively to the Horizon?
– 725, course 180, 4000.
725, I see you in the course 20
– 725 I am on 180 course
725, understood. 725 course 90 to the right
-725, understood
725, the course 70 to the left
-725 70. Left course. Understood.
725 understood. 725, What is the current course?
-725, 70 and 4000.
Understood. 725 keep left heading 60.
-725 On the course 60 – 4000.
725, understood. 725 oh the route of the exit course of 40. 725, course 4000 of the Horizon.
-725 understood 40-4000. 725 course 40-4000
-725, understood. For more information: the target is on your left course 30 degree. Distance is 30 kilometers. Above 4.
– Understood. What are they doing?
–  <>they likely perform the maneuver on the course30.
-725, on the course 30.
– What is your level?
-30 – 4600.
– On the left it’s closer now. Distance is 18 kilometers now.
-18 kilometers between us?-Yes.
-Understood, 725.
-make a request of 7400 latitude.
-Understood. Under the instruction of yours the height is free.
-Understood.  The left turn exit course of 180.

I allow 7400 latitude.
-725, Understood. Making 7400 standard to the left on the course of 180.
-Now on the left. Distance is 10 kilometers now
– On the left?
-Yes, on the left
-Understood. Reaching the exit course.
– Exit course on the left turn 180, 725.
-725 Understood. On the left 180
-7500 latitude allowed, 725.
-Taking 7500 standard
– What is the current course 725?
-I am on 180, 7500 latitude.
– Understood.  Straight to the Horizon
-725 Understood. 180-7500
– What is your speed 725?
-Speed is 650. 600 is set.
-Understood. Speed 600. Go to the left turn.
-725, Understood, to left. 500 speed is set on the device.
-Understood. Done.
-What do we expect?
-Don’t understand.
-What Actions are expected?
-The recognition by the target is expected.  725 exit course 360 on your left.

– What is the course?
-Understood. Course 360-7500. Standards I maintained. Course 360-7500

The target is occupied. Distance between you and the target is 20 kilometers. Above a thousand.
-725, understood.
-He’s [target] at your left, 725.
-Do not understand.
-The target is on your left.
-We have 90 on the left.
-Understood 725, do a maneuver to the right.

Course is 30.
-725, understood. Going up to the course 30-7500.
-7500 Horizon, 735. Speed 600km/h. On the course 30 there will be the target at the 45 on the left. The aim is maneuvering towards the right from you.
-725 understood.  Maneuvering to the right under 45. Speed is 600 – 7,500 remaining.
-The distance between you and the target is 12 kilometers
-725 understood.
– On the left side at 60 and then 10.
-Understood 725.
-Course 360, 725.
-Understood 360.
-The target is on the course of 360 at 45 longitude. Distance between is 8.
-725 Realized. What is the latitude of the target?
-Above 1000.
-Turn on RWR, 725.
-Understood. RWR is on.
-Understood. Do the maneuver to the left, 180, and 725 adjust.
-725, Understood
-On the left toward the turn around. Then three.
-725, understood. What is the course?
– Continue 360 to the left in the direction from left to the right. Exit course is 180
-725 understood.
-Which course did you pass?

-Understood. On the left in a way of turning.
-Understood 725
-You exit course is 170.
-725 Understood 170. What is the course angle

-The target will be on the left under 40 following the course 170/
-On the left or on the right?
-Left. Do you see anything on the right?
-Not yet.
-Continue moving to the left. Exit course 150
-Doing 150
– On the course of 150 do maneuver The target is on the left 725.
-Understood. I get a radio signal at the back on my

right side
-Yes, there is another one behind the boundary. The distance is 15 kilometers from behind. The course is 90.
-I am doing it up to the course 90.
-the target is on the course 90. At the left under 20.
-725 Understood. At the left, under 20.

-Four quarters above, 725.
-Yes, Comrade Chief.
-On the left at 4.
-I see nothing. Radiation behind from the left side
-Major go to the left with the exit course 330, 725.
-Understood. Proceed. 7500 height remains

– 725 do not turn on the weapon.


– Continue the exist course 180 at the left.

– 725, I carry out to 180 to the left.

– The target is on the left on a beam distance 6 kilometers and higher than one thousand.

– 725, Understood. Thousand.

– Now it is on the left on a beam higher than five hundred.

– I don’t see!

– On what course have you passed?

– Have passed 300. Is the target single?

– Single, 725.

– I request 170.

– 725, exit course to 180 for you.

– 725, understood. Course 180. I keep the standard.

– At the left under 60, 725.  Distance between you and the target is6 kilometers.

– 725, understood. Is it higher than 1000?

– At the left under 80. Behind 4 side. It is higher than 1000

– Understood.

– What is your current speed?

– 600 according to the panel.

– Set it up for 480.

– 725, understood. The speed 480 is set up. I keep the 7500 standard. I don’t see anything yet.

– I have understood. Get ready for the left bend. Roll attitude 35.

– Understood. Left roll at 35

– 725 have slipped. The distance to the target is 8. Keep the left roll at 35 and the view within the left hemisphere.

– 725, understood.

– Is RWR on?

– Yes. No signal yet.

– Understood.

– Stabilization is on. Roll at 35, 7500 standard. I keep on monitoring it visually.

– 725, understood. The distance is 11 kilometers.

– Within the bend as well?

– Yes.

– Understood. He [target] will signal to us just now.

– Pursue the target. Keep watching it. The distance is 11 between you and the target.

– Understood.

– What us your current course?

– I have passed 20 degrees.

– 20 degrees. So far straight line.

– Understood. Straight line.

– Understood. Turn around. Keep the left roll 30 for 11 o’clock.

– Understood. For 11 o’clock. RWR signal from behind on the left side.

– Understood. Continue a turn to the left. Roll 45.

– Understood, 45. At the left under 90. I observe a lighting relatively to the stars.

– 8000 standard is allowed. Don’t lose the target from your


– 725 understood. 8000 standard.

– Do not lose the target form your vision lose visual contact.

– Understood.

– Control of speed, stabilization mode.

– Understood. Confirm the course.

– I confirm the course.

-Understood. Setting up for 80-standard.

– Understood. Keep it

– Understood. Course 240 – standard.

– Did he [target] move to the left?

– Yes, at the left again.

– Can you distinguish for each target?

– No.

– Understood 725, Confirm what are you observing

once again?

– A bright relatively to the stars object.

– Is the any radiation?

– There is no radiation.

– Understood.

– 800standard is set up.

– Is the target visually higher than you?

– It is 300 meters higher than me. At the left 15

– I forbid to live the latitude.

– Understood.

– 725, what is your course?

– 725, the course is 240 at the left 15-25. I observe something.

– Maneuver on a roll. Keep the visual contact

with him.

– 725, understood. Do you confirm it?

– Yes, I confirm.

– Understood. It seems far to me.

What is the distance?

– I am verifying.

– Receiving RWR signal the left under 50.

– 725, haven’t lost visual contact?

– With just one target. I don’t observe others. At the left 15. I keep on the course 240 – 7800 at the standard.

– 725, you have an opportunity for a turn to the left?

-Didn’t understand

– Do you have the opportunity to change the disposition to the left so you could observe the target clearly?

– I am on the Moon side now

-Didn’t understand.

– I have The Moon on the right and the target is at the left.

-Didn’t understand.

– I have set up the device for 650

– Understood.

– There is no movement.

-Didn’t understand.

– I don’t observe any motion.

– Understood. Are you keeping the visual contact?

– I am. Is he leaving me?

– Yes. He is moving close  “to a ribbon” (boundary of Russian waters)

-Understood.  I confirm it.

– Understood. What do you have left?

– 3500 is left.

-Didn’t understand.

– The device 700 is set up, 09

-Didn’t understand.

– 105

– Sorry?

– 105

– 725, right bend.

– 725, right?

– Right, course to the checkpoint, 725. 725, to the right. A course on a beacon.

– 725,Doing to the right – toward the beacon.725, under 90

At the left.

– You can distinguish them?

– No, it is too far.

– 725, come back to checkpoint 800.

Keep an echelon.

– 725, understood.

– What is the current speed on the panel? I have allowed 700.

– 725, understood. 700.

– How much fuel is left? What is the bend and maximum? Go to the checkpoint.

– 330.

– understood 330. Occupy 750o latitude standard under the control of RWR

– 725, understood. 7500 latitude is taken. Radiation of RWR

– Understood.

– There is something Behind, on the right side

– 725, Does the radiation proceed?

-Yes. On the right.

– 725, 7507 is allowed. Decrease according to the standard occupy 210 with the speed 750 on the device.

– 725, understood.

– accepted. Under the pressure of 745.0745.0 I have allowed to take 1200. Under the pressure of the airfield.

– Understood, under 1200. What is the pressure?

– 745.0745.0, 1200 under an alignment of airfield, speed 750, and move to the checkpoint. Scan control of height and radiation on RWR.

– 725, understood.

– 725, I specify the air pressure: 7506.0756.0

– 7506.0, understood.

– 725, I specify the air pressure 7506.8

– 7506.8

– Control of RWR work. 725, course 60.

– 725, 70.

– 725, set up 600 on the panel. Start 1200, under pressure of airfield 7506.8

– 725, under pressure 7506.8 – 1200 is taken The device has been set for 600.

– Understood. Keep the course on 60.

– Understood. I don’t see radiation.

– There is. It has left probably on small height.

– 725, to the left a course on a beacon.

– Understood

– 725, Keep moving on the course 360 – 1200.

– 725, understood.1200 is kept on a course 360.

– Three tons.

– 725, Do you observe the checkpoint?

– I do, 725.

– Estimate to the first 1200 development on 180.

– 725, Understood. To the first 1200 on 180. There is something highlights me from the back. Is anybody there?

– It might be our workers on the land.

– Understood.

– 725, Prepare for landing 1200. Keep 1200 still.

– 725, understood you.

– 725, How much fuel is left?

– 725, 2600.

– Understood 2600.

– 725, control for the setup of the 15th channel.

– Understood. 725 prepared for landing 1300.

– Understood. Keep it still.

– 2150.

– Carry out, the first. 725 pressure is 756.9.

– 725, 756.9 is set up

– 725, What’s left?

– 725, 1900.

– Confirmed.

– 725, and on the second one 1200.

– Carry out the landing 725.  Keep 1200





Here is the original posting form

18 February

12:55AM – We were awakened by an alarm and launched in our MiG-29s to intercept
targets at a heading of 180 degrees

01:22AM – Target intercepted

01:40AM – The “intruder” crossed the border.
Returned to base feels compelled to make a few comments to provide details in regard to the  active discussion on the forum regarding the radio recording of February 18, 2016.

The recordings were made on February 18, 2016 between 12:55AM and 1:40AM Moscow time.The audio file has been edited to remove pauses, the full call signs of the (intercepting) aircraft, military airfield identification signals and from other transmitters in the vicinity
(of the incident).

The file is legal under the laws of the Russian Federation, as the transmissions were in the open (unencrypted) on normal aviation radio frequencies. Any person with a broadband receiver in the area could have received these signals, and it could have been received at a greater range by amateur radio equipment.

We assert that the Ministry of Defense has set guidelines on how to interpret and comment on these events and that we have not violated their (guidelines). We believe that flight reports from the Southern Military District (in February) is unrelated to this case because in that incident on February 9, 2016, two AN-72 transport aircraft were intercepted as part of a training mission and forced to land. These interceptions were carried out in afternoon daylight hours, whereas the events of February 18 and the radio transmissions occurred at night.

Please note that, by law, the five objectives for interception of intruders are;

a). Identification of the intruder
b). Assist the crew of an intruder by leading them back on course
c). Forcing an intruder out of Russian Federation airspace
d). Intercepting and forcing (an intruder) from border areas and away from restricted areas and no-fly zones
e). Forcing an intruder to land

Having said that, the goal was achieved: the intruder was compelled to leave Russian airspace.

Additional comments (may be made to) : [email protected]

(TRANSLATOR NOTE: The words I’ve translated as “Intruder” have several equivalent alternate meanings in English, and I’ve used the most ‘vanilla’ of interpretations.)