by Hercules Invictus

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One of my favorite metaphysical tomes has recently been updated and re-released in a shiny, new and cosmic blue edition!

How To Do All Things is a tightly knit tome and all the information it presents simultaneously rests firmly upon and greatly expands every other piece of information contained therein.
This hologram of a book is well worth reading, from cover to cover, for it gifts the reader with practical and time-tested tools for recognizing his own divine nature, establishing a working relationship with Spirit Itself, and becoming an active agent in the unfolding of the spiritual Hierarchy’s divine plan for humanity.

The Mark Age was the period between 1960 to 2000, a forty-year span of time that helped
wrap up the old Age of Pisces and prepare humanity for living in the new Aquarian Age. This period of transition, turbulence, and transmutation assisted us with expanding our awareness much deeper into fourth-dimensional levels of perception. We currently find ourselves experiencing the rough aftermath of this cosmic disruption.

Nada-Yolanda and El Morya, both cosmic beings well known to ascensionists, incarnated as Mark-Age cofounders Charles Boyd Gentzel (El Morya/Mark Age) and Pauline Sharpe (Nada-Yolanda) to anchor Unit #7 of the Hierarchal Board here on Gaia expressly for this purpose.

Though Mark and Yolanda of the Sun are no longer with us, their legacy remains. And part of their legacy is this slender yet highly concentrated spiritual guidebook.



How To Do All Things was penned by El Morya/Mark Age. It begins by thoroughly orientating the seeker to the purpose, history and organizational structure of Mark-Age.

Seven is a sacred and significant number to Unit #7 of the Hierarchal Board, as it is to the
Olympian Starseeds Initiative, so it is no surprise that the first leg of your journey begins with “Seven Steps for Gaining Full Use of Divine Power.” Partnership with the All is the
cornerstone of the Mark-Age path, and the implications of your decision to partner are
examined and explained from a variety of angles and vantage points.

The second section explores “100 Spiritual Truths,” beginning with “The Basis of Everything: God Is.”

The third section of this four-part text by Mark-Age consists of “50 How-To’s,” the first of
which is “How To Do All Things.” This is actually my favorite part of the book, as it contains simple suggestions and practical techniques for applying all that you’ve learned in your daily life.

Section IV, “How To Pray,” is only six pages long, but it provides you with everything you
need to turbo-charge your communications with the One beyond all multiplicities. The text
concludes with suggestions on what to study next and a handy Glossary.

How To Do All Things certainly delivers on the promise of its premise, and though totally self-contained it serves as an excellent introduction to the Mark-Age revelations.

I tip my metaphysical hat to Phillel (Philip J. Jacobs) for gifting us with this new edition of
How To Do All Things and for keeping the light of Mark-Age alive and shining bright during this tumultuous time of transition.

© 2018 by Hercules Invictus