Sitting here at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference in Los Angeles (August17-19, 2012), I am more aware than ever of the importance of exploring those topics deemed forbidden by our corporate media. It is, after all, 2012, and consciousness is shifting.

Freeman’s “Science Fiction or Space Faction?” looks at the plausible deniability that science fiction provides for all-too-real technologies like Robonauts and The Matrix at CERN allud-ed to by cabbalistic logos and symbols covertly enslaving our creative unconscious.

Olav Phillips introduces Clyde Lewis in “Clyde Lewis, Denizen of the Darkness,” while Clyde himself in “The Storm Is Coming” looks through corporate lenses at the film The Dark Knight Rises, whose premier was diabolically mirrored in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting. Reality cum fantasy, or fantasy cum reality? Dark advertising, or just the usual psyop abuse of boobus Americanus?

“Deconstructing Angleton and the Cold War” by Servando Gonzalez and “The Many Faces of Gladio 2.0” by Victor Thorn, both pursue the white rabbit of truth down the Cold War memory hole. Gonzalez points out how chief of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton was actually a mole for the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), while Thorn looks at Angleton’s role in Gladio, the master network of false flag operations that continues (Mujahideen to Osama bin Laden to the Taliban and al Qaeda, to 9/11, etc.). Gladio and the CFR . . .

“Power Politics and Sorcery in Latin America” by Scott Corrales begins with President Obama’s mother-in-law, a practitioner of “Afro-Hispanic magic” (Santería), then goes to Mexican behind-the-throne psychics, from el Niño Fidencio to Marta Sahagún, wife of former president Vicente Fox, who, like the sitting US President’s mother-in-law, performed rituals in Los Pinos, the official state residence.

Speaking of nightmares, excerpts from Our Life Beyond MKULTRA by Elisa (“liz”) continue the ongoing exploration of the extremes to which elites, federal government agencies, and military contractor corporations will go in their quest to destroy individuals and create slaves via trauma-based mind control. These excerpts concentrate on what “liz” refers to as the “aliens, entities, and demons” that gain entry to the psyche or soul bodies through pain, drugs, electroshock, ritual, rape, etc.



Top off this issue of Paranoia with my book review of A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America by Dr. John Hall, a film review of The Cabin in the Woods by my old MKZine compadre Columbia Jones, and a few excerpts from Feral House’s latest release Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide by Craig Heimbichner and Feral House’s own publisher Adam Parfrey, and you have it: the best in mind-stretching issues to question and ponder.

—Elana Freeland