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The injectible microchip may eventually be used for life-long identification against people’s will. Cruel tests on animals prove what is safe and effective for humans. Some weapons are considered “less than lethal.” Some nuclear waste is considered “Below Regulatory Concern.” Whether they’re talking about nuclear waste, vivisection or microchip technology, this unique collection of essays by eighteen women authors on the fringe is bound to get under your skin.

Bernadette Geiger-Counter, pseudonym

“Government has not consulted the governed as to whether they want to have nuclear power,” writes Bernadette Geiger-Counter (pseudonym). Nuclear power reactors have brought us to a crossroads where we face biological degeneration and the possibility of extinction. We are witness to the arrogant disregard for the citizen’s lives, the failure of democracy and American principles, and the accumulation of capital through the destruction of the Earth, she writes. Are we predisposed to suicide?

Mary Seal, British Conspiracy Researcher

Do UFOs come from another world, or are “extraterrestrial” encounters a sophisticated mind control hoax utilizing covert psychotronic technology? According to British conspiracy researcher, Mary Seal, the UFO experience may be a sophisticated social engineering device designed to subvert our belief systems.

Judy Wall, Mind Control Researcher

Synthetic telepathy is a term used to describe the beaming of words, thoughts, or ideas into a person’s mind by mechanical means, explains mind control researcher, Judy Wall. This author suggests ways to identify real cases of illegal mind control experimentation and microwave harassment, which distorts personalities in ways that mimic mental disorder. Victim’s advocates are taught ways to prove that “voices” are coming from outside rather than inside of the victim’s head.

Freida Energy, pseudonym, Environmentalist

Why aren’t “free energy” devices sold in your neighborhood hardware store?” asks environmentalist Freida Energy (pseudonym). “It would be difficult for big business and government to rake off huge profits or energy taxes if everyone had a small free energy generator on their roof,” she explains. Today’s science and technology is a product of a patriarchal culture, which views nature as a possession rather than as a partner.

Mae Brussell

Was there a CIA and LAPD connection to the SLA and the kidnapping of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst? The late Mae Brussell wrote in July of 1974: “Carefully synchronized with the Hearst kidnapping in Berkeley were a series of provocateur-inspired kidnappings… Beginning in August, 1973, money and weapons were supplied to the SLA on a regular basis.”

Judi Bari

“I cannot describe the cold terror of waking up in the hospital, crippled for life, and finding out that the FBI was accusing me of blowing myself up with my own bomb.” states Judi Bari after the Earth First! car bombing that eventually killed her.

Diogenes, pseudonym

Across the world on lines strung through hundreds of books, newspapers, radio talk shows, movies and television, the cryptocracy hangs its dirty laundry right in our faces. “What kind of conspiracy is this that can’t even keep its own secrets, so certain of its perverse preeminence that it’s rubbing our noses in its private parts?” Diogenes (pseudonym) writes: “The cryptocracy is in the alchemical process of ‘revelation of the method’ to a society so benumbed it doesn’t care.”

Eugenia Macer-Story, Researcher and Playwright

There is a “master game plan of discarnate intelligences,” writes researcher and playwright Eugenia Macer-Story. Human beings regularly experience intrusions by “powerful interdimensional spirit entities with power appetites which can be puzzling.” Certain poltergeist outbursts show an intentional pattern which may be “cleverly inducted in order to cause anger or frustration in targeted individuals or groups,” she explains.

D. Guide, pseudonym; Conspiracy Researcher

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary are the most important element in Rome’s plan to implement “the Grand Design,” when Rome will again reign over the kings of the Earth, writes conspiracy researcher D. Guide (pseudonym). Anyone who investigates the ancient religions will find that Rome faithfully continues pagan practices that stretch across time from earliest Babylon.

Leah Haley, abductee

Leah Haley has been abducted by alien entities. The author of several books on UFO abductions and the military connection states: “The grays pull me out of bed using a force that feels like a powerful magnet or giant vacuum cleaner.” The alien entities have informed Leah that they have underground bases on Earth.

Regina Cullen, British woman experiencing severe microwave harassment

“People with too much unaccountable power, indulging in whimsical cruelty, with Nazi-like perverted amusement, doing it because they can get away with it… Who are these thugs?” asks Regina Cullen, a British woman experiencing severe microwave harassment.

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