THE PARANOIA Collection (63 Issues +2 Books) (DOWNLOAD)


Since 1992, Paranoia: The Conspiracy & Paranormal Reader has presented alternative views and marginalized theories of the inner workings of the cryptocracy. Subjects include conspiracy theories, parapolitics, alternative history, and the paranormal.

Paranoia received a 2001 Award of Merit in the Writer's Digest Zine Publishing Awards, and has been rated by Playboy magazine as a “Top 10 Zine.” Pagan Kennedy of The Village Voice called it “Weirdness on a grand scale …” containing “a dizzying web of connections.” Alternative book publisher New Paradigm Books recently stated that Paranoia is “an original and provocative thrice-yearly magazine, with an occasional compelling focus on women writers.”

So now for a limited time you can purchase the entire PARANOIA Collection (63 issues + 2 books)!



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