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The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFONauts

PARANOIA Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Dr. Allen Greenfield’s new book The Complete Secret Cipher of the UFONauts! For more than five decades, rumors have circulated amongst researcher that the UFO phenomenon is somehow directly linked to Occultism. Now, veteran UFOlogist Allen Greenfield provides startling proof of those connections and exposes the heart of the UFO mystery ...

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Why The Middle East Conflict Continues To Exist

by Joel Bainerman For more than 75 years, western diplomats have been coming up with peace initiatives to solve the Arab Israeli conflict. Yet they always fail. Why? What keeps the Middle East conflict going? If we are going to devise a solution, we must first understand why the conflict continues to exist. To do this, we have to view ...

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The Secret History of King Arthur and Robin Hood

By Philip Gardiner, Author of The Shining Ones and The Serpent Grail In my book The Serpent Grail, I had initially explored the Arthurian legends to see what light they could shed on the link between the Grail and the serpent, but I decided I should now spare the time to take a brief look at the history of Britain ...

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Human Devolution – Joan d’Arc Interviews Michael Cremo

by Joan d’Arc In their 1993, 900-page tome, Forbidden Archeology and its condensed version, Hidden History of the Human Race, co-authors Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson brought forth largely unknown evidence illustrating that modern humans worked and walked the earth millions of years ago, even as far back as 2 billion years ago. The reverberations of this work on the ...

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by Jaye C. Beldo [email protected] We are subjected daily to immune system weakening bands like GodSmack, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails who are merely unconscious conduits for various forms of MK manipulation Thinking of bopping down to 1st Avenue Danceteria for some unabashed fun? Be forewarned that the club is a hotbed of ongoing Mind Control (MK) experiments of ...

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The Legend of Bigfoot

Ivan Marx’s controversial classic Bigfoot documentary. Female sasquatchs, ancient American Indian markings, witnesses who have encountered mysterious “U.F.O.s”, Mothmen and headless creatures with glowing eyes. Was Ivan Marx ahead of his time, as some believe, or was he just a fraud looking to cash in. Watch and find out….

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When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History

by Thom Hartmann The 70th anniversary wasn’t noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago – February 27, 1933. They commemorated the anniversary by joining in demonstrations for peace that mobilized citizens all across the world. It started when the government, in the midst ...

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Moving Targets: The Real Strategies Behind the War on Terrorism

by Al Hidell “Now we have the possibility of cooperation in Eurasia. You look at the agreements among China, discussions with Japan, India, Russia, other nations; you see there’s now a thrust for cooperation in large-scale projects, and trade projects, which will build up Eurasia…Somebody wants to stop it. For various reasons, August is a good month to start a ...

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Food Fights: Myths and Truths About Genetically Modified Foods

by Jeffrey M. Smith The following testimony was given on October 2, 2003 before the Vermont State Agriculture Committee by Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the exposé, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating. My name is Jeffrey Smith, I have been involved with the issue of genetically-engineered foods ...

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How to Surf the Internet Anonymously and Leave No Evidence

by Olav Phillips Over the last few years, and as Government surveillance has expanded, more and more people are looking for ways to control their internet footprint.  Especially now with the revelations of Google listening to your life through your microphone or the revelations about internet surveillance.  That added to the very real browser tracking corporations are performing against you ...

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The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind

Joan d’Arc Interviews Michael Hoffman, II Joan d’Arc: Michael, in your excellent on-line article entitled “The Scapegoat: Ted Kaczynski, Ritual Murder and the Invocation of Catastrophe,” www.hoffman-info.com you write that the Unabom case has been “rubber-stamped in newsrooms with the logo of the FBI.” As you explain, a very un-American collusion between the media and the FBI from the beginning ...

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Giordano Bruno: 16th Century UFOlogist?

by Joan d’Arc Filippo Bruno was born in Nola Italy in 1548. When he was 13 years old he entered school at the Monastery of Saint Domenico. Taking the name Giordano, he became a Dominican priest in 1565, but was forced to run away 11 years later due to his shockingly inappropriate ideas. Author of countless obscure writings originally written ...

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